Interpreting Services

Interpreting Services

Services and specialisations

I have been working as a conference interpreter since 2003 in Italy, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and in other European and non-European countries.

I offer interpreting services in the language combinations Italian-English-Italian, Italian-German-Italian, with simultaneous or consecutive interpreting, chuchotage (whispered interpreting), oversound and with the aid of the portable “guided tour” audio system.

The interpreting jobs entrusted to me for years by a consolidated portfolio of customers range from institutional meetings and international medical congresses, for example in ophthalmology, gynaecology, cardiology, psychiatry and dentistry, to events in the world of high finance and the banking sector, from radio and television shows to fashion parades, meetings of the boards of directors of important multinational companies, company conventions, training courses and highly technical workshops for companies in the automobile and motorcycle sector.

I prepare for each interpreting assignment with enthusiasm and commitment and try to find out in advance the requirements and expectations of each client regarding the event, to ensure that it will be a success.

Simultaneous Interpreting

The speaker’s intervention is translated by simultaneous interpreters in acoustically isolated booths equipped with headphones and a microphone, ensuring an effective and precise service in real time. The simultaneous interpreting service is suitable for international events with a large number of visitors and it enables the public, comprising guests who speak different languages, to follow the activities, each in his own language, using listening headphones.
A simultaneous translation audio system is required.

Consecutive Interpreting

The consecutive interpreter, generally sitting next to the speaker, listens to what he says, takes notes and translates in sections. This type of interpreting is suitable for small meetings and short speeches and is never advisable if there is more than one foreign language. It is suitable for events where there are one or two speakers who make their presentation in a different language from the official working language and there are no other foreign guests in the audience. In comparison with simultaneous translation, the working times are longer (nearly double), but no technical aid or support is required.

Chuchotage or whispering interpreting

The interpreter “whispers” (this is the meaning of the French term “chuchotage”) the simultaneous translation to the listener.
The maximum number of listeners is two. No technical instruments are required. This type of interpreting is never advisable if there is more than one foreign language.

Interpreting with Oversound

This is a form of simultaneous interpreting in which the Italian audience can hear only the interpreters’ voices directly over the room amplifying system. The speaker’s voice cannot be heard, preventing participants who know the foreign language from following the work directly.

In addition, this system cannot be used when there are foreign guests in the audience: they would hear only the Italian translation and would not have any receivers, which are supplied only to the speaker. Finally, to ensure an efficient interpreting service, an absolutely impeccable audio quality is required.

Interpreting with guided tour system

This is a “chuchotage” service with the aid of a guided tour translation system, also known as bidule. The interpreter has a radio microphone set on the same frequency as the receivers that are given to the participants. The interpreter sits near the speaker and translates simultaneously, listening without using headphones. Due to its low cost, this system is suitable for short small meetings where the use of a classic system with a booth would not be advisable for various reasons. It is never suitable to use the guided tour system if there is more than one foreign language, so it is not a valid substitute for the simultaneous interpreting service.

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