Translation Services

Translation Services

Services and specialisations

My translation repertoire comprises texts of both a general and a highly technical nature. Thanks to the familiarity acquired in various specialised sectors during numerous technical interpreting assignments on the field, and to the skills acquired in terminological and documentary research, I am able to acquaint myself quickly with new sectors and topics and, when necessary, I do not hesitate to consult experts in the sector concerned.

I translate in the following language pairs: Italian-English-Italian, German-Italian, French-Italian. For all language combinations that I do not work in directly, it will be a pleasure for me to contact the best professionals in the sector on your behalf.


I have been providing technical and editorial translation services since 2003 in the following sectors:


Balance sheets, directors’ and auditors’ reports, acquisitions and mergers, liquidations, privatizations, capital market, stock market bulletins, audits, financial analyses, joint ventures, banking and financial regulations, investment funds, brochures presenting financial products, insurances


Informative brochures on medical products, illustrative leaflets on pharmaceuticals, chemical and pharmaceutical safety sheets, records of medical conferences


Use and maintenance manuals, car workshop manuals and user manuals, editorial publications for leading companies in the sector in Emilia and magazines for various Italian publishing companies


Deeds of association and statutes, minutes of meetings, bankruptcy procedures, rogatory letters, legal memoranda, court proceedings, contracts, experts’ reports, patents


Catalogues, model books, look books, magazines